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Welcome To Lifetime Free Hosting. Com 

In this about us section we will discuss in brief about the starting of

Dear readers and all visitors we at always value and respect your time. As result of this we keep our website content in short by focusing the exact requirements for your website or blog or wordpress. was started by Arallywood(A Government of India Incorporated & Approved & Recognised Startup Private Limited Company In 2017) to solve the website hosting or blog hosting or wordpress hosting issues faced by beginners or startup or new business owners or other people who require website or blog. But due to the heavy server cost for website or blog and lots of untold hidden secrets in web hosting industry Arallywood started Arallywood Online web services like domain name registration, web hosting, ssl certificate, site builder, email hosting etc.

But we were getting lots of queries regarding free web hosting for website or blog from the people who are unable to purchase any paid hosting.

So we thought to start a platform for lifetime free hosting for website or blog and finally we registered domain name on 05-02-2021 & started providing 100% lifetime free hosting(till domain expiry) for all whether your domains are registered with us or not. Anyone can use our lifetime free hosting services. We review all web hosting requests manually and activate as soon as possible.

Lifetime Free Hosting web services are owned, operated or managed by Arallywood or Arallywood Online as parent operating company.

Lifetime Free Hosting Website was started to help the people or company or organization or business or startup or business owner or website owner or blogger or youtube creator or poor people or students etc to learn and grow online web technology without paying any amount.

This is our effort to provide free learning and earning by using online web technology for all. We need your love, support & cooperation to continue our "lifetime free hosting" for all. 

Once you get your free hosting login details from us you can donate any amount to support our free hosting service.

You can know more about us on below websites.

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WhatsApp:- +91 88 10652488 (India)

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  How To Get Lifetime Free Hosting For Website or Blog or WordPress From Lifetime Free Hosting .Com ? Answer:-   To Use our Lifetime Free Hosting for your website or blog or wordpress, kindly update your Domain DNS management "A" Records and/or "Name servers" with below mentioned records correctly:- Arallywood IP Address:- Arallywood Name Servers:- and After adding above records to your domain name then contact us by below email or whatsapp for  lifetime free hosting   cpanel login  details Contact:- +91 88 10652488 (WhatsApp Support Globally), +91 22 48931234 We always follow "ZTP" i.e Zero Tolerance Policy if you try to "misuse" (any "Lifetime Free Hosting Services" or any other services including) or "do any illegal or invalid activities or spam or abuse or any other activities which cause any kinds of losses". In any of these cases we will &q